A redesign of the tire carriers is needed to make them affordable for production, and the retail market.  At this time, we will not be able to offer an ETA on availability.  Our apologies to those folks that have been waiting for this product.***

Over the past few years, we have been asked by several customers to supply a front tire carrier, that fits in the factory stock location, and that can accommodate larger 15″ and 16″ wheels and tires. The issue with currently available options is that they either push the oversized tire into the factory coolant hoses or steering shaft, or the tire hops and slides around under the front end, due to the lack of a proper fastening mechanism.

The FASTT oversized spare tire carrier incorporates solutions to rectify both issues mentioned above.

The following tire sizes have been tested, and fit nicely, with our carrier:

  • 205 65 15
  • 205 70 15
  • 215 65 15
  • 215 75 15
  • LT 215 70 15
  • 215 60 16
  • 215 75 16
  • LT 215 70 16
  • 225 70 16

Remember, the frame-to-frame width under your Vanagon is an unavoidable, non-negotiable obstacle. A small loss of overall ground clearance, based on tire size, is to be expected; but a very small price to pay.

Our carrier is powder coated for a nice durable finish and comes with all mounting hardware and installation instructions.

Made in USA