We’re proud to have partnered with FASTT to support and install their under-the-lid 50-degree Volkswagen inline-4 cylinder engine packages on the West Coast. Since the mid-1990’s FASTT has been developing and supporting products to install any VW inline-4 built since 1975 into the VW T3 Vanagon platform.

Their latest FASTT GEN V turn-key zero-mile engine program has been developed to be a low-impact factory-like installation and high performing alternative to the original waterboxer or other non-VW engine conversion options. In addition to a brand-new zero-mile engine, you also get all new accessories and components – new fuel injection, new alternator, new power steering pump, new air conditioning compressor and new wiring harnesses. Say goodbye to your old, tired engine compartment equipment.

Currently offering 1.9L TDI diesel* and 2.0L naturally aspirated or turbo gasoline options.

*California residents will want to check out the diesel engine package for a CA smog legal option.

*Installation available