The Vanagon is an extremely unique vehicle – forward control, rear mounted engine, available Steyr-Puch-designed Syncro 4WD, factory equipped camper options, short wheelbase, and small enough to operate as a daily driver. Even by today’s standards, there is nothing available on the market like it.

If you’re looking to go adventuring, the Vanagon is an excellent platform to build upon. With healthy aftermarket support there is a wide variety of available upgrade options to improve the capability of this versatile machine.

  • Solar energy systems
  • Propane or diesel-powered cabin heating
  • 110v inverters
  • Navigation systems
  • Suspension packages
  • Off-highway tires
  • Limited slip differentials
  • Transmission gearing
  • Racks and exterior gear mounting systems
  • Lighting
  • Recovery equipement

Enlist us to help you outfit and build the Vanagon of your dreams!