FASTT is proud to announce a fresh production run of the 2LR / Tiico 4 cylinder in-line conversion ECU’s. Researched, developed, and produced by Bosch, South Africa in full collaboration with FASTT / FAS Inc. The RSU 906 258E designation ECU is the latest issued software package for the very successful in-line conversion program.

These ECU’s are only available world-wide, exclusively through FASTT and were specifically designed to eliminate erroneous engine codes and overall driveability issues. Our customers rave about the increased fuel efficiency, decreased emissions output, and overall power performance and smooth running throughout all gear ranges.

For more details and information, please call or email

Add a Map Sensor and “plug and play” Engine Harness to your order and convert any ABA swap.


*Core charge of $100, refunded when old ECU returned to FAS (FAS is not responsible for return shipping fees, including C.O.D.)