Probably FASTT’s proudest design to date. Eliminate vibration, improve clearance and longevity with FASTT’s rugged proprietary Engine Cradle and Hydraulic Mount Set-Up.

Some in the industry have stated that no in-line Vanagon swap could be as smooth, reliable, or vibration free as a boxer engine, especially when mounted at 50 degrees. They haven’t tried this “Better Mousetrap” design.

The problem with VW’s 30 year old, antiquated diesel cradle bar design is its north-to-south mounting orientation. VW had it right on the earlier Air-Cooled & Wasserboxers by running east-to-west with the cradle bar which correctly added frame rail to frame rail strength and rigidity.

The additional Vanagon diesel design flaws are obvious — mounting an engine between two engine cradles at 50 degrees with mounts that have no provision for side-to-side engine torque being applied is doomed from the start — and we did not need a resident engineer to tell us this.

Like the boxer and earlier air-cooled designs we stole a page from that book and designed our in-line cradle to mount east-to-west critically incorporating side-to side-frame rail/bumper strength and rigidity to greatly reduce vibration and resonance.

Several test vehicles of both gasoline and diesel in-lines have logged over 2 million miles with our Hydraulic Cradle Bar System, which continues to perform perfectly.

*To be used with a gasoline bell housing, and FASTT adaptor plate/flywheel. Not guaranteed to fit, using a diesel bellhousing

$1199.00  (includes black powder coating)


Installed (left side):

Installed (right side):


Application Info:

  • 1975-1999 Gas & Diesel (Mechanical, TDi VE)
  • 1999.5-2004 Diesel (TDI Bosch VE)
  • 1999.5-2012 Gas & Diesel (Pumpe Düse, Commonrail)

Kit Includes:

  • Engine Cradle
  • Left Engine Mount
  • Right Engine Mount
  • 2 Hydraulic Mounts
  • 2 Frame Blocks & Hardware

Driver’s Side Frame Block Shown

*When ordering, you must include year of engine and engine code, so we can supply you with the correct application in regards to left and right engine mounts.  Please, include transmission information as well.*

Made in USA

Customer Reviews:

“…Noise level is definitely reduced  and I was even able to pass through the dreaded 3,000 RPM “node” on up to 4-5,000 RPM.  It felt solid & unruffled at that engine speed…

In summary, I am impressed by the improvement in drivability and decrease in annoying vibrations the FASTT Hydraulic Motor Mount makes and I believe it was a worthwhile investment for folks like me who have no plan for being without their Vanagon.

Congratulations to the FASTT Team for making a significant improvement in the Vanagon”

— Wes, Tiico Conversion


“Just wanted to report on my cradle swap/install. It’s in and a short drive home was pretty damn impressive! Noise and vibrations reduced by 70%.

The most surprising part is how much more responsive the engine is in power to the drive train.

I’m sure you don’t get a lot of DYI guys but even a hack like me was able to ferret out the assembly.”

— Steve, Tiico Conversion


“Since buying the van in 2003, we’ve driven it 149,000 miles through thirty seven states and six Canadian provinces, from Southern California to Nova Scotia and from Alaska and the Yukon to Florida, and that Tiico buzz has accompanied us all the way.

Thanks to the creative energy of FASTT, the buzz is gone, the exhaust sounds great, the sound system has little competition, and we’re happy as pigs in s***.”

— Bob, Tiico Conversion