1991 VW T3 Syncro Conversion – Rebuilding

I took all the Syncro parts to Full Spectrum Powder Coating for coating. They did a great job from blasting to masking to coating and the price to do all 62 parts was beyond reasonable.

A few of the coated parts

In the meantime, I’d ordered some parts from a really great place called T3 Technique. I don’t know Christopher at all, but there is something about what he is doing there that I really connect with. I went big and got all of his bushings on offer and a few other bits. The order I placed came so nicely packed and everything well labeled and organized. What really impressed me was his Shifter Guide Repair Kit. Not only is the existence of such a kit great, but he includes epoxy, a popsicle stick AND a piece of card stock to mix it on – who does that?! Awesome.

Parts order from T3 Technique

Repaired shifter guides

Re-bushed sway bar