1991 VW T3 Syncro Conversion — Subframe Madness

I started the day out by drilling out the two broken fasteners in the differential. My technique is to center punch the broken fastener and then use ever increasing diameter drills until the broken bolt is so thin walled, that it can be wound out with a pick or pliers. Sometimes I have to collapse a wall of the now tube-like piece and pluck it out with a pick or needle nose pliers or what have you. I don’t trust “easy outs” or the usual broken bolt extractors. For one, if the bolt sheared off its head trying to come out, then it is really stuck fast. I’ve broken off an extractor in a broken fastener, which is a wretched situation. For now, you have a piece of broken tool steel in, what used to be, a mild steel, easily drilled piece of material. No thanks.

With that done, I finished up the job of replacing the output shaft seals and installed the differential into the subframe assembly. With that ready to go, I “offered up” (love the Queen’s English) the subframe to the body of the van and bolted it in.

Subrame Fully Installed

I installed the uprights onto the lower ball joints and set about assembling the front CV axles. I got the right one done and installed it. I decided to install the right Fox shock and spring assembly and try to finalize the one side. I had a bit of a struggle with the shock and spring. My spring compressor isn’t well suited to the van and, after some immense struggle, I ordered a different design that arrives Thursday. That should help with setting the ride height via the adjustable spring perch on the right side and the whole installation and adjustment on the left side.

Right CV Axle

Shock & Spring Installed

Day Nine complete!