Whether you are upgrading your Tiico, to run with the updated ECU, or you’re replacing your Plastic A2 injector set up, FASTT has the solution.  We are happy to offer a metal rail, as apposed to the leak prone plastic rails.  These also offer a much better fit near the throttle body.

(Intake Manifold Not Included)

This complete Fuel Rail Kit, includes the Steel Rail with Fitment spacers, Injectors with o-rings & clips, Fuel pressure regulator & clip, and Mounting hardware.

A smoother spray pattern means a smoother running engine, better throttle response, and better fuel economy.  The much cleaner look is an added benefit.

For optimal running performance, upgrade to the newest ECU & Harness


*The A2 fuel rail kit uses the correct injectors and pressure regulator for the latest ECU programming.

*Fuel lines will need to be re-routed, to the rail.

*Check your Tiico ECU part number. Any number that is RSU 906 259 proceeded by the letter “D” or “E” will benefit from the A2 fuel rail kit.

A2 Stainless Fuel Rail Brackets for Plastic Fuel Rail